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Welcome to HLB Law Firm, where doing business is taken to the next level. In our work, we focus on your growth. We have a team of lawyers, accountants and advisors at your disposal to help you with any issue.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and if there are any questions – feel free to contact us. You can conduct a conversation with us in Polish, English and Chinese. Contact details can be found in the contact section.

About HLB Legal

Our law firm was founded with a vocation to help companies that are focused on growth and facing many issues as they move forward. We celebrate all the successes of our clients in which we take part. HLB Law Firm is not just lawyers. Excellent accountants, development consultants, negotiators and translators are also available to you. We handle all types of cases related to your business. We are an excellent partner you can trust and entrust your problems to.


Our core business is law. We will help you in civil, criminal, administrative, tax and many other processes. Get acquainted with our detailed offer of legal services.


We work with a group of excellent accountants who can handle your biggest problems. Our carefully selected staff allows you to relax and not worry about the assignments entrusted to us.



Consulting is a very broad term. As part of our services, we will help you to develop your business. We will find perfect property for you, prepare documents or represent you at meetings with other entities. You name it – we will do it.

It’s not about us, it’s about you

Tell us your story.

We are great listeners, to start a partnership we want to get to know your business and your world. We need to understand your business processes so that we can help you run it the best way possible and prevent problems in advance. Thanks to comprehensive compliance service you will avoid many unnecessary problems and you will be able to consult with us at any time to take specific actions.

Doing business in Poland is a great adventure but also an incredible challenge. The excess of obligations imposed by the government on entrepreneurs can cause many problems. Many mistakes can be avoided with professional help. Even today it is worth thinking about the savings that such assistance can bring. Contact us and talk to our consultants about the details.


We offer you an experienced team that won’t let you down.

Experience is an important aspect of any service that cannot be bought. An experienced team can deliver services faster and to a better standard. Our team is proud to be experienced in many aspects, experienced lawyers, accountants or advisors.



Consult legal issues.

Our lawyers are here to help.


Consult taxes.

Our Accountants are here to help.


Consult any problem.

Our advisors are here to help.

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Get help with negotiations.

Our negotiators are here to help.

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e-mail: sekretariat@hlblegal.pl
phone: + 48 503 176 143
(Polish and English)
adress: Warsaw


HLB | Kancelaria Prawna

Need assistance?

Contact us using form or traditional way.


e-mail: sekretariat@hlblegal.pl
phone: + 48 503 176 143
(Polish and English)
phone: +48 XXX XXX XXX
adress: Warsaw

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