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The range of services available at HLB is very broad. We offer most of the legal services available on the market, as well as bookkeeping and consulting services in cooperation with excellent accountants. We also provide comprehensive assistance to foreigners who have problems with various procedures and regulations in Poland or who simply have problems with the Polish language.


HLB Law Firm is not just about the law, we offer many different services to help you grow your business. Apart from law, we also offer tax services, consulting, translation of documents and many other minor services. We can help you, for example, to buy a leased car, to rent a property for your business, to deal with the authorities, to represent you before another company or individual, to deal with your correspondence, to collect it for you and to pass on all important information. Or maybe you need a remote secretary? You can give us your phone number or use ours, the secretary will answer your clients’ calls, manage your calendar for you and provide you with all important information.

There are many possibilities, feel free to contact us and ask what specifically you need in your business. Click here to contact with us.


Civil law

Civil law is a broad term; the Civil Code is responsible for the operation of many areas of our lives. We assist you in all matters relating to civil law.

Legal services for companies

Commercial law is responsible for the business sector. As part of the service, we make changes to court entries and provide comprehensive support for legal processes occurring in commercial companies.

Legalization of stay of foreigners

Our law firm can be proud of many successfully completed dozens of proceedings on the legalization of residence of foreigners. We legalize residence for business owners, their employees and dependent families.


Verification of contracts

Legal review of contracts is important, and we offer to review all aspects of your contracts and identify possible consequences with proposed changes.


Negotiation of contracts

Contract negotiations can be time-consuming. Checking and negotiating clauses which, although they seem insignificant, can often have serious consequences. Contracting is an important aspect of doing business.


Personal Data Protection

Among the obligations of businesses is also the protection of personal data of their customers, employees and other entities from whom they collect personal data. Handling this area is a complex process. HLB provides comprehensive assistance in this area.

Tax law

Tax advice is a subject of law that makes life significantly more difficult for many entrepreneurs. Appropriate tax optimisation and the observance of specific procedures make it possible to avoid many unnecessary conflicts with the tax office.

Administrative proceedings

Handling of proceedings concerning permits, concessions, inspections and other administrative proceedings. We provide comprehensive services in administrative matters.

Establishing company - law

We conduct a comprehensive registration of limited liability companies, limited partnerships, joint stock companies, sole proprietorships and others. As part of our accounting services you can also obtain additional assistance and advice on PKD codes or other registration issues.

Sale of companies

If you need a ready-made company with a set of documents, we can sell you a registered ready-made company even in 1 day. Companies have registration in National Court Register, assigned VAT number, EORI number, established bank account. On customer’s request we can register the company also in other offices.


Human resources and payroll services

We provide payroll services, including payroll calculation, keeping full employee and benefit documentation. We make settlements with US, ZUS and PFRON (National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons). We handle employment contracts and civil law contracts, as well as possible inspections by the Polish Labour Inspectorate (PIP) and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). We prepare annual PIT11 declarations for employees and settle annual tax PIT-4R.


Financial audits

As part of our services we conduct financial audits, which are primarily the basis for analyzing the condition of the company. Compliance with current regulations, norms and applicable standards. In the course of the audit we will verify the correctness of determining the subject and basis of taxation and we will monitor the correctness of tax settlements. Thanks to the audit we will help to determine the degree of risk of development, new branches of the company, we will indicate possible threats. We will support you in undertaking solutions leading to modernization of financial management of your company.


Establishing a company - tax

We also help all those who want to start a business. They support you in choosing the most advantageous settlement model, selecting appropriate PKD codes and arranging all formalities. As part of legal services, we also carry out the entire process of registering your company.



Tax Advisory

In addition, our advisor will help you register your business regardless of the chosen form of activity. He will advise on accounting and the method of settlement with the US. In addition, he will provide your company with support in the event of a tax inspection, help with PIT, CIT, VAT, DN-1 or DR-1 declarations, advice on VAT, PCC, inheritance and donation taxes or local fees. He will help you analyze the provisions of agency, commission, barter, cooperation and service agreements.




Strategic consulting

The dynamically changing environment of the organization in the market makes the choice of an appropriate strategy is not only the glue that binds all areas and aspects of the company, but also a key factor in the success of the organization. A given strategy is not effective in every situation and quickly becomes outdated. Organizations must take care to set constantly new tasks and new goals. In addition, there is no perfect strategy – there is no single optimal solution that fits every situation. That is why an individual approach of a consultant to a problem is so important in strategic consulting.


Operations consulting

Operations consulting, also known as operations management, is an advisory and implementation service aimed at improving the value chain of the organization, i.e., the sequence of activities that create final value for the customer. In other words – it is optimization of the current activities of the company so as to maximally improve the efficiency of its operations. Operations management projects improve effectiveness of the organization by implementing changes and new solutions in the area of processes, management systems, culture and other elements of the value chain.


IT consulting

Proper IT support for an organization translates into increased process efficiency, improved communication and information flow, or cost reduction. Therefore, the choices made in the IT area increasingly determine the efficiency of business operations and the competitive advantage achieved by them. IT consultants help to match the best solutions for the company from the huge number of constantly modified offers of the dynamically developing IT industry.


Financial consulting

Work in this industry involves presenting clients with the best financial offers. The advisor often acts as an intermediary between the client and other institutions such as banks, insurance companies or investment funds and helps to adjust, and often negotiate, the most suitable and beneficial offer for the client. However, the advisor’s task does not end with recommending offers, but is often extended to help in filling out applications, examining contracts and supervising the course of the transaction.


Human Resources

Because the key, and often the only resource of many organizations are the people working there, when making personnel changes, companies decide to use the help of professional advisors so that each change contributes to improving the efficiency and profitability of the company. Human resources management is all the more difficult because it often concerns sensitive issues – sometimes decisive for the success or failure of a given person, therefore entrusting the matter to specialists may contribute to solutions beneficial not only for the employer but also the employee. Consultants’ help is offered when it is necessary to make redundancies, assess employees’ potential or recruit specialists.


Public Relations

PR consulting is the practice of managing information between an individual client or an organization and the public. The role of a PR consultant is to build reputation, to create a desired target image of a given company – this may include the public, investors, partners and employees. In other words, thanks to PR consultancy one can control how a given company is perceived, i.e. its products, owners or even political and social views.



other services


Translation Service

We assist in the translation of documents as part of serving our clients from a legal or accounting perspective.


If you do not find the service you need, we remind you that we also provide assistance with other matters. For example, we can help you lease a vehicle or find premises for your business. Please contact us for a detailed offer.


We are constantly adapting to new market conditions, understanding the needs of our customers and being open to various requests. Contact us and ask for what you need, we will always try to help you.

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Shaping the future is our maxim because that is what we focus on in our work – making our customers’ futures what they want them to be. Unlike many, HLB Law Firm focuses primarily on the development of its clients. We believe that client satisfaction is the main driver for the growth of our law firm. Without hesitation, we put our clients’ welfare before our own and their cases are our priority. In our view, such behaviour is characteristic of true, committed firms.

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