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Shaping the future.

Shaping the future is our maxim because that is what we focus on in our work – making our customers’ futures what they want them to be. Unlike many, HLB Law Firm focuses primarily on the development of its clients. We believe that client satisfaction is the main driver for the growth of our law firm. Without hesitation, we put our clients’ welfare before our own and their cases are our priority. In our view, such behaviour is characteristic of true, committed firms.

Who We Are

„Per aspera ad astra” – Through hardship to the stars

The path of a lawyer is paved with many hardships. Getting a profession and staying in it right after graduating from university and getting a law degree shapes a lawyer’s character. It is surprising how many people give up working as a lawyer shortly after graduation. This profession requires a lot of sacrifice, time and youth. Those remaining in the profession are extremely hardworking individuals. We have worked for many years to get where we are, so it would be very painful for us to lose that. That is why we can boast good achievements and professional results, our team works hard for its success and that of its clients. That is why we believe this is the reason to entrust us with your problems.

Cases ended with success

Lawyers committed

Satisfied Clients

Company Headquarters

Warsaw – in the heart of Europe.

HLB Law Firm is based in Warsaw, but we operate throughout Poland. We invite you to our office for a delicious coffee.


HLB Law Firm is not just about the law, we offer many different services to help you grow your business. Apart from law, we also offer tax services, consulting, translation of documents and many other minor services. We can help you, for example, to buy a leased car, to rent a property for your business, to deal with the authorities, to represent you before another company or individual, to deal with your correspondence, to collect it for you and to pass on all important information. Or maybe you need a remote secretary? You can give us your phone number or use ours, the secretary will answer your clients’ calls, manage your calendar for you and provide you with all important information.

There are many possibilities, feel free to contact us and ask what specifically you need in your business. Click here to contact with us.


Civil law

Civil law is a broad term; the Civil Code is responsible for the operation of many areas of our lives. We assist you in all matters relating to civil law.

Legal services for companies

Commercial law is responsible for the business sector. As part of the service, we make changes to court entries and provide comprehensive support for legal processes occurring in commercial companies.


Personal Data Protection

Among the obligations of businesses is also the protection of personal data of their customers, employees and other entities from whom they collect personal data. Handling this area is a complex process. HLB provides comprehensive assistance in this area.


Negotiation of contracts

Contract negotiations can be time-consuming. Checking and negotiating clauses which, although they seem insignificant, can often have serious consequences. Contracting is an important aspect of doing business.

Tax law

Tax advice is a subject of law that makes life significantly more difficult for many entrepreneurs. Appropriate tax optimisation and the observance of specific procedures make it possible to avoid many unnecessary conflicts with the tax office.

Administrative proceedings

Handling of proceedings concerning permits, concessions, inspections and other administrative proceedings. We provide comprehensive services in administrative matters.


Tax services

The tax service of any company is inevitable. We recommend our carefully selected accountants to help you with the bookkeeping of your business.


A field of management dealing with widely understood consultancy for business entities, most often for large organisations. Consulting is a wide range of services, from defining the company’s strategy, through reorganisation (restructuring) of the company and financial management, to human capital management and design and implementation of IT solutions.


If you do not find the service you need, we remind you that we also provide assistance with other matters. For example, we can help you lease a vehicle or find premises for your business. Please contact us for a detailed offer.

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e-mail: sekretariat@hlblegal.pl
phone: + 48 503 176 143
(Polish and English)
adress: Warsaw


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Need assistance?

Contact us using form or traditional way.


e-mail: sekretariat@hlblegal.pl
phone: + 48 503 176 143
(Polish and English)
phone: +48 XXX XXX XXX
adress: Warsaw

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